Navigating the AI Revolution in the Pharmaceutical Industry: Overcoming Organizational Hurdles At Scale

In this episode you will learn :

  • Application of AI in Drug Development, Practical Perspective: The discussion delves into the practical applications of AI in drug development.
  • AI in Pharma, Hype? Or real Impact?: Evaluating whether the application of AI in pharmaceuticals is based on hype or tangible impact.
  • How Pharma Companies Invest in AI and New Technologies: Insights into the investment strategies of pharmaceutical companies concerning AI and new technologies.
  • Role of Leadership In Successful Adoption of New Technologies: The importance of leadership in successfully integrating new technologies into pharmaceutical processes.
  • Pharma leadership naturally shifting towards being more data savvy: Observations on the natural evolution of pharmaceutical leadership towards becoming more adept at handling data.
  • Role of Organizational Culture for a Successful Adoption of New Technologies: Discussion on the significance of organizational culture in fostering successful adoption of new technologies.
  • Buy it or Make it? Is Outsourcing Still a Viable Option in the AI Era?: Considering whether outsourcing remains a viable option amidst the rise of AI technologies.
  • Team Composition in Pharmaceutical Companies in the AI Era, Change in Perspective?: Exploration of how team compositions within pharmaceutical companies may be evolving in the era of AI.
  • Role of Regulatory Agencies in a Successful Application of AI in Pharmaceutical Companies: Understanding the role of regulatory agencies in facilitating the successful application of AI within pharmaceutical contexts.
  • Does AI and New Technologies' Disruptive Nature Alter the Impact on Patient Engagement: Examining how the disruptive nature of AI and new technologies affects patient engagement.

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"New technologies in Pharma poses significant organizational hurdles. Robust data infrastructure, stringent regulatory compliance, and a data savvy workforce are imperative"


"I use AI, mathematics and statistics to help pharmaceutical companies optimizing the drug development and their clinical trials through data driven decision making"



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